If you are in need of visual representation of your design plan, Jackie Rae is here to help!


The process is simple:

  • Submit your design plan and request a quote.
  • Once a quote has been accepted and paid, the rendering process will begin.
  • A pencil sketch will be sent to you for approval.
  • After approval, inking and coloring will begin.
  • Your final rendering will be sent to you in a digital format unless otherwise requested.

The entire process takes 2-3 weeks to complete.


Pricing starts at $200 and is based on the complexity of the project. 


Materials Required to Begin

  • Completed design of the space
  • Before photos of the room including a photo of the view for the rendering
  • Floor plans with measurements and furniture layout
  • Architectural and construction details of importance
  • Furniture*
  • Flooring*
  • Lighting*
  • Wall coverings- Paint colors/ wallpaper
  • Textile swatches and images- Draperies and Furniture
  • Accessories of importance
  • Desired completion date

*Please include links to vendor websites


If you would like to request a rendering, please complete the form below to receive further instructions on how to submit your materials for a quote.