Design Rendering Services


To begin you will need to fill out a short form and submit design materials for a quote. After a quote has been accepted you will be sent an invoice and letter of agreement to sign.  Once the invoice has been paid in full the rendering process will begin. The first step is a pencil drawing of the space. You will be sent drafts of the drawing throughout the process and when we are satisfied with the layout I will begin the final rendering.  Any changes made after the start of the final rendering begins, will result in additional fees. Once all materials are collected, the entire process takes 1-2 weeks.

Pricing starts at $200 and is based on the complexity of the project. Once you have submitted the information below I will be able to get you an accurate quote for your project. 

Required Materials (Dropbox folder prefered)

  • Completed design of the space
  • Before photos of the room including a photo of the view for the rendering
  • Floor plans with measurements and furniture layout
  • Architectural and construction details of importance
  • Furniture*
  • Flooring*
  • Lighting*
  • Wall coverings- Paint colors/ wallpaper
  • Textile swatches and images- Draperies and Furniture
  • Accessories of importance
  • Date rendering is due

*Please include links to vendor websites

You will receive your rendering in digital format via email.  The original can be mounted onto foam board or rolled and shipped to you.  There is an additional shipping fee.